Our Methodology:

Classroom lectures, audio-visual programs, seminars, take home assignments, computer lessons, case studies and study tours lead  to a vibrant academic program. The teaching and learning methodology at PIONEER includes:
A day in the life of a PIONEER:
A year in the life of a PIONEER:
The new academic session begins in the very first week of every year. Fresh students spend around one week in orientation and induction training. Semesters end in December and May with exams. Summer break is usually eight weeks consuming almost the entire month of May and June. The PIONEER program proposes to use this period for Industry-Internship and Summer Training. Inter vacations coincides with Christmas and New Year at stretch for a week during the end of December.
Students are required to start preparations for successful corporate careers from the moment they join the institute. Their academic  performance in each subject by each faculty is evaluated on a day to day basis. Each paper will carry 100 marks, out of this 30% of  marks should be for Internal Assessment and remaining percentage of marks be for written examination. The internal Assessment  marks shall be awarded as per following system.


20 M

  Term end examinations

70 M

  Director’s award for attendance/discipline and participation in   co- curricular activities

10 M

The criteria for awarding marks will be based on:
  • Discipline, attendance, attention and participation in the class.
  • Creativity and effort demonstrated in the preparation and presentation of assignments.
  • Academic initiative and catalytic role in facilitating a productive intellectual environment during lectures, presentations and research-based activities.
Periodic Reports: 
The institute will forward a performance and attendance report of each student to his/her parents periodically. Information regarding  various activities at the institute will be delivered from time to time. Regular student attendance in classes, workshops, seminars  and other co-curricular activities is of utmost importance. Get-together and cultural programs will be organized by the student’s  council, but will be subject to disciplinary rules.
All “PIONEER” students must be regular in attendance (minimum 75%). The college may not allow the student to appear at the  university examination.
Early Departures:
 No early departures are permitted unless otherwise allowed by Director.
Campus disciplinary rules:
All the students are expected to be disciplined and well behaved in order to maintain discipline in the campus the following rules are  to be strictly followed
  • Activities like asking for breaks during the 60 minutes lecture session, entering the class, knocking at the door or leaving the class strictly not allowed in the campus.
  • Students requesting the faculty to cancel the lectures, peeping into the classrooms, signaling etc while the lecture is in progress are considered to be punished under the strict code of discipline.
  • Consumption of drugs, alcohol, smoking, chewing of pan masala and other such indecent activities within the campus are strictly prohibited.
  • Writing graffiti on the walls of the campus, benches or anywhere, disrespect or discourtesy to guests, faculty and office staff will be considered as an act of indiscipline.
  • Students should be dressed orderly. Slippers, jeans, t-shirts, etc, are not allowed in the campus. Students are expected to behave as future managers.
  • Absence from tests/examination/tutorials and non-submission of assignments in time will make the student intelligible for internal assessment.
  • Misbehavior, habitual-late-coming, disobedience, absenteeism, malpractice, cheating in exams etc shall attract immediate cancellation of admission.
  • All Students are expected to carry laptops in order to leverage the benefits of the Wi-Fi campus
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