This grand hub of learning is situated on Srinagar Baramulla national highway near Hanjiwera Pattan, district Baramulla having road accessibility, concrete infrastructure capacious accommodation well up transport facility. The school is located in serene, eco friendly , pollution free ambience with lush green fields around  and conducive of teaching learning process.

Chronology of the institution:

The institution was established in the year 2008 under registration number 1118/DSEK-2009 Dated 02/09/2009 and then upgraded to secondary level vide order  No: 581-EDU of 2013 Dated  31/05/2013. The institution as of now has a permission to run classes up to 12th standard vide order No: F(Aff-Gen) KD-A-272 Dated 08/03/2017.